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Influencer Megan Rice inspired by Palestinians, Converts to Islam

Megan Rice, a popular activist and TikToker has converted to Islam. She claimed that she was inspired by the resilience and faith of the Palestinians in Occupied Gaza who are being persecuted by the Israeli Regime.

Megan took to her TikTok page and pronounced the testimony of Islamic faith (Shahadah) and even spoke of how she feels “secure and safe” wearing a hijab as someone “who is autistic.”

Megan’s popularity soared after she openly expressed support for the Palestinians and against the Israeli regime’s onslaught of civilians which has killed over 11,000 people, mostly women and children.

“I made a video expressing my admiration for the Palestinian faith, and people commented, ‘Well yeah, girl, that’s Islam. Have you read the Quran? You should probably read the Quran,’” she said in a video shared on her TikTok account, @megan_b_rice.

Megan was seemingly happy with how the Holy Quran promotes the freedom of divorce and remarriage for women without obstacles.

She even has a book club on Tik Tok which strives to educate the masses about Islam, the Quran and other religions.

Social media users have been visibly moved by the change in Megan’s life, praising her for choosing the path of Islam, and following in her footsteps.

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