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Eighth Grader in California Suspended for Three Days After Saying “Free Palestine”

An eighth-grader in California was reportedly suspended for merely saying ‘’Free Palestine” in the wake of the Israeli regime’s acts of violence and war crimes against the civilians of Occupied Palestine. 

Zeina, a woman who says she is the student’s aunt, took to social media and shared a picture of the suspension letter allegedly signed by Jacob Haley, the principal at Corona Del Mar Middle and High School.

The letter stated “The incident that caused this suspension follows: Abe [the student] said threatening remarks to a young lady in class. He said ‘Free Palestine’.”

The woman further mentioned that her 13-year-old nephew was called a “terrorist, ” by a female student and in response repeated “Free Palestine.”

The woman also said that two weeks ago, her nephew was “threatened with hate and racist comments by two Israeli students.” 

Netizens flooded the comments section pouring their support for the 8th grader, saying “If the kid wanted a gender change surgery or medication it would’ve been welcomed, If the kid said he identifies as a unicorn, it would’ve been encouraged. Delusion is celebrated, so of course when you say #freepalestine you get suspended.”

Another user wrote, “So guess who is indoctrinating children now? I thought this was a democracy?”

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