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Gaza Ministry Says All ICU Patients Dead in Al-Shifa Hospital

The Gaza Ministry of Health has officially announced the deaths of all ICU patients in Al-Shifa hospital. Out of 39 babies, 2 have died from lack of oxygen and electricity.

A harrowing scene is unfolding outside Gaza’s largest hospital as bodies are piling up following a lack of fuel needed to keep healthcare facilities running as the Israeli regime continues to perform acts of indiscriminate viole ce against the besieged Gaza Strip.

Al-Shifa hospital Director Muhammad Abu Salmiya has dismissed reports that the hospital reportedly refused 300 liters of diesel offered by the Israeli army, citing that such a miniscule amount could barely run power generators for 15 minutes.

The hospital requires 8000-12,000 liters a day to operate fully, and has now collapsed entirely as Israeli forces continue to bombard the hospital. 

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