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Death toll in Gaza Soars to 11,200 Including 8,000 Women and Children

As the Israeli entity’s war on Palestinians now enters it’s 38th day, the death toll in Gaza has now surpassed 11,200 including more than 8000 women and children. The UN Development Programme (UNDP) was also targeted with reports surfacing of over 100 aid personnel killed, including those who sought safety in the compound.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially lost contact with the staff at al-Shifa Hospital where electricity has been completely cut off.  The Israeli regime’s tanks have circled the entire hospital and Israeli snipers have been ruthlessly shooting anyone moving within the hospital compound. 

The regime’s army had allegedly announced that the Palestinians wpuld be granted a grace time from 9 am to 4pm local time to flee to northern Gaza along Salah al-Din street. They even claimed to have a “humanitarian corridor” for people to leave al–Shifa Hospital. However, people inside the hospitals denied such claims and confirmed that the city’s largest medical center is not safe and the statements from the Israeli regime are “one big lie.”

Palestinian Resistance spokesperson Abu Obeida has announced the documentation of “the complete or partial destruction of more than 160 Zionist military vehicles since the beginning of the ground aggression, including more than 25 vehicles in the last 48 hours.” 

Israeli occupation forces even attempted to attack the West Bank city of Jenin and cut off electricity supply to the city and the refugee camp in conjunction. The Palestinian resistance however, foiled their plan. 

The death toll in the West bank has also soared to 186 since October 7th.

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