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Hot Air Balloon Crashes in Arizona, Killing Four

Four people lost their lives after a hot air balloon crashed in Arizona on Sunday Jan. 14, 2024.

Thirteen people rode on the balloon gondola, including eight skydivers, one operator and four passengers, when it plunged to the ground at 7.50am local time, in a deserted area, roughly 60 miles south of Phoenix.

The other eight reportedly exited the balloon “without incident” before the accident unfolded, Eloy police chief Byron Gwaltney said in a press conference. Then, Gwaltney added, “something catastrophic happened”, causing the balloon to crash into the ground.”

Four people were killed and the fifth was severely injured. 

One of the victims died on the spot and the other three were rushed to a nearby hospital where they were later pronounced dead. 

According to a witness, the balloon seemed to be flying up and down seconds after it’s ascension, “The impact was fairly, fairly large,” he said in the briefing.

The exact cause is still unknown.

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