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Yemen’s Ansarallah Strikes US Ship Heading to Israel in the Red Sea

The US Central Command has confirmed that a Yemen Ansarallah missile struck a US container ship in the Red Sea heading to ‘Israel’. No casualties were reported. 

The vessel was reportedly a bulk carrier with a flag of the Marshall Islands. 

Yemen’s Naval Forces have officially confirmed that “operations to prevent Israeli ships or those heading to the occupied Palestinian ports are continuing.” 

Yemeni sources have stated that the operations will continue until the US-backed Israeli war and siege in Gaza halts, further adding that the navigation is still safe in the Arab and Red Seas and Bab al-Mandab for all ships except for the vessels heading to the Israeli occupation entity. 

The US and the UK have unanimously attacked Yemeni positions against Yemen’s coastline, a retaliatory attack following Yemen’s Pro-Palestine maritime war.

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