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Dollars for Genocide: How the US Government is Funding the War on Gaza

As the ruthless Israeli bombardment and complete blockade of Gaza enters its second month, over 12,300 Palestinians have been killed, including 5,000 children and 3,300 women. The indiscriminate attacks by the Israeli regime continue to target civilian infrastructure across the Gaza Strip. Israel has demolished hospitals, ambulances, schools, bakeries, churches, mosques, solar panels, water reservoirs, and residential buildings.

The US government’s strong supportive stance for the Israeli regime in its most recent offensive against Gaza has been apparent since the beginning of the war as the US government has given unwavering financial, diplomatic and military support to Israel (Zionist Regime). This support was granted despite the Israeli Occupation executing a genocide against Palestinians. The US has been funding this genocide with complete impunity. The widespread international condemnations, unprecedented worldwide protests and calls for an immediate ceasefire has not swayed the US government’s support in the slightest.

Earlier this month, the United States House of Representatives approved a bill providing $14.5 billion in military aid for Israel. The US already given over $3 billion to the Israeli regime every year, amounting to roughly one-fifth of the US government’s entire foreign aid budget. In fact, Israel is the largest recipient of US foreign aid and has received an estimated $318 billion in aid of all types from the US government since the end of World War II.

In addition to the financial aid given to the Israeli regime despite its crumbling economy and increased poverty rates, the US government is also providing advanced military support to the Israeli regime. The US has deployed multiple warships, aircraft carriers and fighter jets to the West Asian region in the past month to “deter hostile actions against Israel” and US special forces commandos are also on the ground to help the Israeli occupation forces carry out a ground invasion in Gaza.

According to a recent report by WSJ, the US government is also planning to send another $320 million worth of weapons to Israel, including US-made precision Spice bombs. Whereas the Israeli regime has always insisted that its military strikes target Resistance fighters, those targeted are almost always innocent civilians, including women and children. The US military has also been flying surveillance drones over Gaza since the war began. 

Considering these latest moves by the US government, it is not an exaggeration to label the US government’s financial and military support for the Israeli regime as the fuel for the genocide of the Palestinians taking place in Gaza at the hands of the Zionist entity. 

In fact, it would be impossible for the Israeli regime to continue with its brutal oppression of Palestinians without the blind support offered to it by the US government.

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