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Destroyer USS Carney Returns to the US after attempting to Combat Yemeni Armed Forces in the Red Sea

USS Carney (DDG-64) reportedly engaged in 51 total “engagements” in a quest to retaliate against the Yemeni Armed Forces Pro-Palestine maritime war where they successfully prevented hundreds of ships from entering the Israeli ports following the Israeli regime’s ongoing onslaught in Gaza. 

Carney, sailed back to the US after a seven-month deployment. According to its commanding officer, Cmdr. Jeremy Robertson, the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer deployed on Sept. 27.

Robertson failed to provide a breakdown of how many Yemeni anti-ship ballistic missiles, anti-ship cruise missiles and drones Carney’s crew took down, which raised doubt as to whether the destroyer succeeded in its mission. The commanding officer also offered extremely limited details on how the ship engaged with the Yemeni Armed Forces. 

Instead, Robertson chose to speak about the speed of combating an incoming anti-ship ballistic missile, claiming that an engagement would last between 9-20 seconds, giving the crew seconds to decide if the incoming missile was a threat and to ensure the topside is clear of any crew before engaging. 

“An ASBM is just way faster than anything else,” Robertson said.

“But the ASBM threat is very challenging,” Robertson said. “It’s very dynamic, and it’s very fast.”

“Some days you get no activity,” Robertson said. “Some days you had an activity where there’d be a launch and nothing would actually make it into the Red Sea. And some days [were] like Oct. 19, where we had 19 threats,” Robertson added.

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