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Israeli Military Kills Students, a Teacher, and a Doctor in the West Bank

The Israeli army killed Palestinian students, a teacher and a doctor, while wounding several others including a journalist while carrying out an assault on Jenin in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, May 21. 

Seven people were killed and 19 wounded with two in critical condition, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. 

An undercover unit of Israeli special forces was found in the Jenin refugee camp at around 8 a.m. Shortly after, an intrusion of military vehicles rammed into the area. 

According to eyewitnesses, the Israeli forces were aimlessly shooting at any Palestinian who moved in their vicinity, including people in their cars and family, who were merely picking up their children from school, which had been canceled due to the Israeli acts of violence. 

Two boys, Osama Abu Hajeer, 16, and Mahmoud Hamadneh, 15, were killed while they were leaving school. One of them was riding a bicycle when the Israeli army shot him. 

Allam Jaradat, 48, a teacher, was also killed in his vehicle whilst leaving the school. He remained bleeding for over half an hour before succumbing to his wounds. 

Jabarin, 51, who worked as a dentistry lecturer at Jenin’s Arab American University, was killed outside the hospital, according to Wissam Sbeihat, the Director General of the Health Ministry in the city. 

Dr. Osaid Jabarin, a general surgery specialist, was brutally shot by Israeli forces while he was heading to Jenin Governmental Hospital, where he has worked for the last 17 years. 

“The Israeli army targets everything that moves on the ground and prevents ambulances from reaching the injured,”  Wissam Sbeihat, the Director General of the Health Ministry in the city said. 

“[There is] complete destruction of the infrastructure and direct targeting of medical personnel and ambulance teams,” he added. 

Sbeihat then revealed that the Jenin hospital was unable to handle the massive number of wounded people and warned that they could “lose control” if the raid continues. 

The other murdered Palestinians were identified by the health ministry as Basem Turkman, 53, Muamar Abu Amira, 50 and Amir Abu Amira, 22. 

Israeli troops also ruthlessly attacked a group of journalists, an ambulance, a moving civilian car and people in the courtyard of Jenin hospital, according to eyewitnesses. 

Medical teams were also barred from reaching the wounded in the attack by the Israeli army.

Simultaneously, Israeli soldiers rammed into roads and infrastructure with bulldozers, which they used to deliberately destroy water pipes and sewage networks. 

The Israeli regime has killed more than 500 Palestinians, including over 120 children in the West Bank since October 7, 2023, as well as killing over 35,500 Palestinians and wounding over 80,000 in neighboring Gaza.

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