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Curfew Lifted and Iran Border Reopens After Chaos in Baghdad

The Khosravi border crossing in Iran that shares a common border with Iraq has reopened for Arbaeen rituals and the nationwide curfew has been lifted in Iraq that was prompted by violence.

At least 23 are dead amidst chaos in Baghdad where protestors who support Iraqi politician and militia leader Muqtada Al Sadr stormed the presidential palace.

The Iraqi government imposed a curfew and nationwide lock down to bring the situation on the streets under control.

This comes in the wake of Ayatullah Syed Kazim Al-Hae’ri’s announcement in Iraq that he had withdrawn his marjaiyyat and asked his followers to follow Ayatullah Khamenei instead and denounced the Sadri movement.

The announcement led to supporters of the Sadri movement entering the green zone area and attacking multiple buildings, as well as attempting to enter the presidential palace in Baghdad with tear gas grenades.

Muqtada Al Sadr recently announced that he will be quitting politics, a statement he has made multiple times over the past few years. His supporters, led by the militia Saraya al Salam, converged on the Green Zone with reinforcements which is when the curfew was ordered. In his statements, however, Sadr said he would disavow the Sadrist movement if they did not withdraw from the Green Zone and criticized the revolution for turning violent.

This comes in one of Shia Islam’s holiest of months where millions of pilgrims prepare for travel to Iraq from all over the world to commemorate the 40th day after the tragedy of Karbala.

The coup does not bode well for the United States as it could affect oil flow from the Middle East.

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  • Zainab Rights

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