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Walls of Islamic Center in Toronto Vandalized with Islamophobic Threats

The Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre in Markham, Ontario was vandalized Thursday, October 13th in an illegal act that targeted Muslim Iranians who attend the mosque as a place of worship. The vandalism occurred the night before the community’s celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, one of the most highly attended annual events. 

Nobel peace prize recipient, Aung San suu Kyi, sentenced to three more years in Myanmar

The Nobel peace prize award holder turned tyrant Aung San suu Kyi is sentenced to another three years after the former leader of Myanmar was found guilty of breaching the country’s official secrets act by a secretive military court, the latest in a thread of convictions brought by the generals who removed her from office in a coup last year.

Deadly Blast Targets Shia Minority in Kabul, Killing 19 and Injuring 27

At least 19 people were killed when a suicide bomber exploded himself at an educational institute in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul. Over 27 were also wounded when the blast rocked the city in the the Dasht-e-Barchi neighbourhood of western Kabul, a largely Shia Muslim area and home to the minority Hazara community.

What Media Won’t Tell You About Iran and Mahsa Amini | Setareh Sadeqi

In a LIVE TMJ News segment, Zainabrights interviews Setareh Sadeqi who is a political analyst living in Iran about the dominant Western media narrative on Mahsa Amini, Iran protests, current events, the morality police, regime change, censorship, color revolutions, foreign disruptions and the bigger picture. This is what you won't see or hear from mainstream media.

France Attempts to Seek Control of Yemen Gas Facility to Reduce Russian Fuel Dependency

A former Yemeni foreign minister says the French Foreign Legion, a military force comprising of foreign nationals, arrived on 21st August, in the impoverished Arab country’s southern province of Shabwah in a quest to secure control of a gas facility there.
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