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Florida Schools Ordered to Provide Bathrooms by Biological Sex

The State Board of Education in Florida unanimously approved a rule notifying parents about policies involving access to bathrooms and locker rooms after a heated meeting on Wednesday, October 19th. With this new rule, districts will have to notify parents which bathrooms are not separated by biological sex at birth.

This remains consistent with a state law known as “Parents Bill of Rights” which was passed in 2021 that put into law guidelines for what families should know about their children’s education and health care.

Around 40 people spoke on both sides for and against regulations, opponents arguing that the rule to notify parents will stigmatize transgender students.

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  • Zainab Rights

    Zainab Rights is a Muslim American Journalist and Editor in Chief at TMJ News Network. She holds a double degree in Political Science and Homeland Security and a Masters in Journalism from Harvard University. She has over 12 years of experience in political commentary, writing and video production.

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