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Islamic Center in Toronto Vandalized Again, Receives Threats of Bombing and Assault

Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre’s walls after being vandalized for a second time on Oct. 18

The Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre was vandalized again Tuesday night, making this the second vandalism crime in less than a week. The black writing in Farsi reads, “Death to the Islamic Republic.”

The mosque issued a public statement Wednesday stating that the vandalism marked an escalation of Islamophobia against the center in the past few weeks as part of the backlash against Muslims in the aftermath of protests in Iran. 

The statement also mentioned that the mosque has received threats of bombing and assault. Despite repeatedly clarifying that the center is not affiliated with any government or political entity, the mosque and its Muslim congregants continue to face hateful and Islamophobic threats. The center has already canceled two youth group events over fears for the community’s safety. 

While police are reportedly investigating the crime, they have not published any press releases on the case and have not responded to inquiries about investigation updates. 

After two vandalism incidents and ongoing threats of bombing and assault, there seems to be little done on the part of law enforcement to ensure the community’s safety and bringing the radical perpetrators of these hateful crimes to justice. 

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  • Sarah Katib

    Sarah Katib is a multi-platform journalist who specializes in writing and research on international affairs, contemporary social issues, and Muslim identity in the West.

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