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ISIS Terrorist Attack on Shia Shrine in Shiraz, Iran Kills 15 including Children

Fifteen people have been killed and several others injured in Shiraz, Iran, after a terrorist attacked the Shia shrine called Shah Cheragh of Ahmad bin Musa Kazim on Wednesday, October 26th. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Among the victims were two children and one woman, Iran’s official news agency IRNA said.

The lone attacker fired indiscriminately at pilgrims inside the shrine, Fars police said. The attacker was a foreign national, according to Nour News Agency, affiliated with Iran’s security. Security sources say the gunman was a Wahabbi terrorist who used the unrest in the country to carry out this attack.

One of the surviving children from the attack, Artin, stated to local media, “(I was with) my parents and my brother. We were getting into the car, they (gunman) started shooting.”

A spokesperson for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Stephan Dujarric, offered Iran condolences over the terror attack.

ISIS, the radical terrorist organization, claimed it had killed 20 Shias and wounded dozens of others at the Shia shrine of Shah Cheragh on Telegram channels.

These are the names and ages of the victims:

1. Omid Khoob (32) – Dehdasht
2. Zahra Esmaeeli (46) – Shiraz
3. Alireza Saraidaran (49) – Shiraz
4. Mojtaba Nadimi (45) – shiraz
5. Hassan Ali Pourissa (73) – Gilan
6. Bahar Azadishiri (60) – Fasa
7. Sayed Faridaldin Masoomi (39) – Tehran
8. Ali Asghar Larigoeeni (7) – Sirjan
9. Mohammad Reza Keshavarz (15) – Shiraz
10. Mohammadvali Kiasi (54) – Marodasht
11. Ehsan Moradi (58) – Hamedan
12. Hoshang Khoob (62) –Shiraz
13. Arash Saraidaran (10) – Shiraz


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