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Deadly Halloween Stampede in Seoul Kills 150 People

Halloween in Seoul, South Korea turned from spooky to traumatizing in seconds as a deadly stampede resulted in the deaths of over 150 people.

97 of those killed were women and more than 80% of the victims were in their 20-30’s, said AP News. 19 foreigners from Iran, Uzbekistan, China and Norway were also killed in the stampede.

South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-Yeal declared a national mourning period until the accident is under control.

Authorities are still reportedly investigating the incident but local media has stated that the crowd surged into a narrow alley in a nightlife district in Seoul after an unidentified celebrity visited the party.

According to witnesses, people kept pushing down into the alley and started falling like dominos. Some were seen bleeding from their mouths and noses. Harrowing footages from social media showed bodies laying lifeless on the ground as people tried to revive them with CPR. Other witnesses stated that the situation spiraled out of control due to the loud music which led to more chaos as pleas of help weren’t heard.

The ambulances reportedly failed to arrive on time due to the tight space within the alley and slow-moving vehicles. Over 100,000 people had gathered in the district donning costumes and masks. While Halloween isn’t considered a national holiday in South Korea, it is still a popular attraction among young adults.

At least two Americans were among those killed in the stampede, the U.S. embassy in Seoul confirmed.

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