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Saudi Arabia Hosts Halloween Event ‘Scary Weekend’ in Riyadh


Saudi Arabia hosted an event to celebrate Halloween which was banned until this year. In a quest to seemingly modernize the kingdom, Saudi Prince Mohamed Bin Salman has eased several restrictions, some of which have received severe backlash. 

The ‘ Scary Weekend’ event took place on Friday 28th October in the kingdom’s capital Riyadh, as people were seen flocking the streets in spooky attire and gruesome masks as they marked the Halloween celebrations.

The photos from the event were widely circulated on social media where Muslims accused the monarchy for their hypocrisy in not permitting to celebrate the most revered event within the Muslim traditions, the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) also known as Mawlid celebrations. 

The Halloween celebrations are not permissible within the religion of Islam as its origin traces back to a satanic pagan festival called Samahain which was originally a dark holiday and was known for its notorious witchcraft practices, an act heavily condemned in Islam. 

In response to the rather surprising Halloween celebrations in Saudi, Shaykh Ahmad Jibril took to twitter stating ‘ if we do not wake up and take a stand we will wake up one before a hopeless generation that knows Islam only by its name’.


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