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Activists Successfully Pressure Weapons Company to Cease Ties with Israeli Arms Manufacturer

The property manager for Elbit Systems’ Shenstone drone factory, Fisher German (FG), has officially ceased ties with the Israeli Regime’s arms manufacturer.

This comes shortly after iO Associates, Elbit’s former recruiters, dropped the largest Israeli weapons manufacturer due to pressure from campaigns headed by a direct action network called “Palestine Action.”

The real estate giant stated that it no longer had any links to Elbit Systems or the Shenstone headquarters of its subsidiary, UAV Engines Ltd (UEL). UEL designs and makes engines for drones, describing its products as “engines for various size tactical UAVs, target drones and single mission platforms.”

The group Pal Action said it had targeted Fisher German dozens of times as part of an “ongoing campaign against those complicit in Elbit’s business of bloodshed.” It first occupied the roof of their Birmingham offices by covering it with paint in 2021, and continuing action throughout 2022. After two years of direct action, Fisher German informed them in an email that they had cut ties. 

Palestine Action said in a statement: “Today’s announcement shows what we already knew and what we’ve already shown – direct action gets the goods.” 

They added, “But our work doesn’t stop here. Elbit can only do the work it does here because it is facilitated by many other partners and companies. It is the responsibility of all those opposed to the genocide of Palestinians to disrupt this supply chain in anyway we can.”


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