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17-year-old Mohammad Kafarneh’s Kidnapping by Israeli Forces Reveals Severe Cases of Torture

Following last week’s detention of Palestinians in Northern Gaza by the Israeli Regime, reports of abuse, mistreatment and humiliation have surfaced as photos of hundreds of detainees stripped down to their underwear in the cold sparked global outrage. 

17-year-old Mohammad Musa Kafarneh is one of the hundreds of Palestinian civilians tortured by the Israeli Forces. Mohammad was sheltering in a UN shelter with his father Musa in Northern Gaza. Both father and son were kidnapped, stripped and blindfolded, and subjected to ‘’brutal methods of torture’’ by the occupation forces. 

According to the few released children hostages who were freed following the recent exchange deal between the Israeli Regime and the Palestinian Resistance, they said that the detainees from Gaza face the most brutal torture and abuse.

The Israeli regime has reportedly imprisoned an estimated 10,000 people of which 4000 from Gaza and 1000 from the West bank were arrested after Oct 7th.

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