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16-year-old Louisiana Teenager with Armed Rifle Caught Sneaking into Church with 60 Children Inside

Attendees of a church in Louisiana reportedly thwarted a teenager armed with a rifle, barring his entrance into a church full of children on Saturday, May 11, in a service that was live streamed, according to authorities. 

Police were summoned to St. Mary Magdalen Church in Abbeville, when the 16-year-old armed teenager tried to sneak into the church through the back door.

Around 60 children were inside the Catholic church, awaiting their turn to take their first Holy Communion, the church said. 

The church then confirmed that parishioners confronted the teen and took him outside, before calling the police. 

The suspect was arrested and later charged with terrorizing the church and two counts of possession of a firearm by a juvenile. The event continued after the suspect’s arrest. 

As of now, no motive has been revealed. Parents, attendees, and the community are grateful for the fast action of the people and police.

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