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American Army Officer Resigns in Protest of US support for Israeli Onslaught on Gaza

An American Army Officer, Major Harrison Mann has resigned in solidarity with Palestine against the United States’ support for the Israeli regime, which he says has “enabled and empowered” the killing of Palestinian civilians.

“While assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency, I was enabling policies that violated my conscience,” said Maj. Harrison Mann.

The American officer announced his resignation while explaining his reason for resignation on LinkedIn on Monday, May 13, 2024. 

He has operated in the Middle East and Africa half of his career spanning 13 years, and had previously served at the US Embassy in Tunis.

“The policy that has never been far from my mind for the past six months is the nearly unqualified support for the government of Israel, which has enabled and empowered the killing and starvation of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians,” wrote Major Mann in the post.

“This unconditional support also encourages reckless escalation that risks wider war.”

“I told myself my individual contribution was minimal, and that if I didn’t do my job, someone else would, so why cause a stir for nothing?” he wrote. “At some point — whatever the justification — you’re either advancing a policy that enables the mass starvation of children, or you’re not,” he added.

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