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Yemeni Armed Forces Target American Vessels Camouflaging their Way into Israel

Yemen’s Ansar Allah forces have announced the successful targeting and hitting of the US Navy destroyer namely “Mason” and the ship “Destiny” in the Red Sea, in its ongoing pro-Palestine maritime war against the US-Backed ongoing onslaught in Gaza. 

The attacks took place after the ships violated the ban on passage of ships heading to the “Israeli port of Eilat. Reportedly,  they instead camouflaged in a quest to trespass and even claimed it was heading to a different port. 

The Yemeni Armed forces kept the ships under surveillance and warned the ships from entering the ports of occupied Palestine, which landed both the vessels on the list of targeted ships sailing in the operational area of the Yemeni Armed Forces. 

The Yemeni Armed Forces, while seeking the “help of God,” have further solidified their stance in support for the Palestinans by continuing its operations in the Red Sea until the siege on Gaza is lifted, and the ongoing onslaught by the Israeli regime, which has now killed over 35,000 people, comes to a complete halt.

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