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Young Man in Jordan Sets Himself on Fire in Protest of Kingdom’s Ties to Israel

A young man has set himself on fire in the southwestern Jordanian city of Aqaba to protest the kingdom’s relations with the Israeli regime. 

The footage of the incident went viral on social media platforms, with netizens assuming that it had taken place in front of the Royal Palace in the city of Aqaba “protesting against his country and King Abdullah II’s position on normalization with Israel.”

Others however, claimed that the incident dates back to a 2010 incident, when a young fruit seller Mohammed Bouazizi set himself ablaze to protest police harassment and unemployment in Tunisia, the act that inspired the Arab Spring demonstrations. 

However, the video showed Jordanian guards opening fire on the burning figure.  

According to the Middle East Monitor, the youth was taken to the hospital where he succumbed to his wounds and was declared dead.

Jordan signed a peace treaty with the Israeli regime in 1994 and shares strong ties with the Israeli regime, after it signed a peace treaty with the war-mongering entity in 1994, an act that did not sit well with Jordanians who have on several occasions flocked to the Israeli embassy in Amman, calling on the government to cease ties with “Israel.”

The demonstrations have escalated since Oct 7, the day that marked the Israeli Regime’s ongoing onslaught in Gaza which has now killed more than 36,654 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

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