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Yemen’s Resistance Leader Lashes Out at Arab Leaders’ Lack of Support for Palestine

Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement has called on Arab countries and the Muslim world to stand up for Palestine in the wake of the Israeli regime’s acts of genocide on the besieged Gaza Strip. 

Abdul-Malik al-Hou.thi spoke in a broadcast live on Tuesday November 11, commemorating the death anniversary of the ‘Martyrs’ in Sana’a, Yemen.

The Israeli regime has now killed more than 11,255 Palestinians, including 4,630 children and 3,130 women, and injured more than 29,000 others with its US backed air strikes.

The Yemeni Resistance Movement leader emphasized that the Israeli regime is “committing genocide in Gaza and the Muslim world has shown a “weak and limited” stance on the occupying regime’s atrocities.”

He added that “Gaza is experiencing genocide and cold-blooded killing of its people even at the mosques, schools, hospitals, and the international organizations in which they take shelter.”

“In the face of the major tragedy that the Palestinian people [have been suffering] for more than 70 years, a limited and weak stance has been shown by over a billion Muslims,” he lamented. “Arab regimes are losing seriousness and do not have the will to act seriously towards Gaza.”

He stressed that the Gaza strip is compelled to a joint Israeli-Arab siege, and the neighboring countries are not trying their best to deliver humanitarian aid that the besieged areas need. 

Abdul-Malik then expressed his dismay at the final verdict of the Arab Summit held in Riyadh on November 11, 2023. 

“Although the Arab-Islamic Summit was an emergency meeting of 57 countries, it did not come up with a position or practical action, and this is shameful and sad,” H.outhi said.

“The summit that claimed to represent all Muslims only produced statements with no practical stance. Is this capability of over a billion and a half Muslims?” he asked. “Fifty-seven Arab and Islamic countries, with all their…capabilities, came out with a statement that could have been issued by a primary school and by one person.”

The Ansa.rullah chief also pointed out that the outcome of the summit was a very “ordinary” statement that was “ridiculed by the Israelis.”

He then went on to publicly affirm Yemen’s stance citing that their position towards G.aza is firm and that they will continue “to provide support and assistance to the Palestinian people and their resistance until Palestine is liberated from the Israeli occupation.”

“The silence of the Arab and Islamic nations regarding the Gaza tragedy is a major crime and everyone must take action to lift this siege and support the people of Gaza,” he said.

“Our brothers in the missile force carried out a number of operations into southern occupied Palestine,” he said. “Our bombing of the enemy with missiles and drones will continue, and our planning will continue for additional operations against all the Zionist targets.”

The Yemeni Resistance movement leader even confirmed that the Yemeni forces are keeping a watchful eye on any Israeli regime ships within the red sea, and in the Bab el-Mandab Strait in particular, as well as Yemeni territorial waters. 

Abdul Malik then criticized the Israeli regime for their cowardice in putting up Israeli flags on its ships while crossing the red sea. “They camouflage, which indicates their fear and the effectiveness of our position,” he said.

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