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Belize Ceases Ties with Israel over Gaza Genocide

Photo: MNA

The Belizean Government has officially stated that the Israeli Regime is  “unceasing indiscriminate bombing in Gaza” and has further ceased ties with the apartheid regime on Tuesday November 9, 2023. 

The Central American nation is known to condemn the actions of the IOF in Gaza time and again, and has even criticized the Israeli Regime’s siege on Gaza which is directly violating international law. 

Belize has further appealed the Israeli Occupation to allow the flow of humanitarian aid with no hindrances and has even stressed on an immediate ceasefire. 

“Despite our requests, Israel has not stopped its violations of international humanitarian law nor allowed relief workers to alleviate the suffering of millions of Gazans,” the government press release read.

Neighboring Honduras had also recalled its ambassador to ‘Israel’ on November 3, 2023 as well as Colombia and Chile. Gulf nations still have done little to nothing to end the Israeli Genocide on Gaza, allegedly following the regime’s notorious Prime Minister’s advice to the oil-rich countries which statedI say to the Arab leaders, if you want to preserve your interests, you must do one thing… Remain silent!” 

The Death toll in Gaza has now soared to over 11,000, most of them women and children with over 29,000 now injured as the health care system in Occupied Palestine has collapsed in the wake of mass casualties. A huge lack of medicine and fuel has also made it almost impossible to tend to the thousands of patients, as the Israeli regime continues to block aid, including fuel, food and water, into the besieged Gaza Strip.

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