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Yemeni Armed Forces Announce Completion of Three Missions in Maritime War Against US Backed Israel

The Yemeni armed forces have announced that it has carried out three particular missions in the wake of the group’s ongoing pro-Palestine maritime war against the Israeli regime.

The first mission revolved around Yemeni missiles and UAV forces firing a number of ballistic missiles and drones at multiple targets of the ‘Zionist enemy,’ in the Umm al-Rashrash area, in occupied Palestine.

The second operation was carried out in the Gulf of Aden where the Yemeni Armed Forces attacked a British ship named Islandra with multiple missiles achieving direct hits causing a fire. 

An American destroyer in the Red sea was then targeted with multiple drones as part of the Yemeni Armed Forces’ third mission. 

The Yemeni Armed forces have further clarified that that their maritime war is in solidarity with the Palestinian people and Yemen in the wake of the Pro-Israeli US-UK retaliatory attacks, stating that their military operations will only stop when the ongoing onslaught and siege by the Israeli regime against the Palestinians comes to an end.

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