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Israel Plans to Build a Corridor and Split Gaza into Two

The Israeli regime army is building a corridor that splits Gaza in two from the south in a quest to intensify Israeli control over the enclave. 

The Netzarim corridor will run through the Strip south of Gaza with Unit 601 of the Engineering Corps assigned with demolishing buildings surrounding the area. 

The Turkish Hospital, a campus of Al-Azhar University, the villages of Mughraqa and Juhor al-Dik, Nour and Shams amusement parks, as well as acres of agricultural land are a few of the prominent buildings which will likely be leveled to the ground by the Israeli occupation forces.

The corridor will then stretch through the former grounds of the Netzarim Settlement, which was evacuated in 2005 by the then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. 

The Israeli occupation army claims that the highway will give them a clear route to hold future incursions into the territory and even prevent the movement of people from the north to the south.

According to Israeli media sources, the corridor will prevent one million Palestinians who were removed from Gaza during the beginning of the war, to return to their homes. 

Experts warn the corridor plan is an indication that the Israeli occupation army is bracing to stay in Gaza over the long term.

The area is currently crammed with 1.5 million people, most of them internally displaced, facing severe hunger crises due to the lack of food aid trucks entering Gaza and the risk of famine looming over the Palestinian territory. 

The Israeli regime has killed more than 29,000 and wounded almost 70,000 people, mostly women and children, since Oct. 7, 2023.

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