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Yemen Attacks Two Israeli Ships that Crossed into the Red Sea

Yemen Armed Forces have once again carried out operations against the Israeli Regime’s ships, further plunging the occupation entity’s economy into a financial strain.

This was confirmed by an official statement from the Yemen Armed Forces.

The two ships that crossed the Red Sea despite several warnings from Yemen’s Resistance Fighters were the “UNITY EXPLORER” and the “No. 9.” The first ship reportedly was targeted with an anti-ship missile, and the second one with a maritime drone.

The Yemen Armed Forces remain steadfast on preventing Israeli Ships from the Arabian waters, posing maritime threats to the Israeli Regime following Yemen’s official declaration to fight against the Zionist entity as it continues its onslaught against the Palestinains, killing over 15,500 innocent civilians in a span of 50 days.

The Pentagon has further confirmed that a US warship and several commercial ships were also targeted by the Yemeni Armed forces, possibly escalating the war in the seas. 

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