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The West Embraces Drag Shows and Nudity for Children in the Name of Acceptance and Love

An organization based in the UK that primarily focuses on drag events for little babies has come under fire after a video of drag performers dressed in very skimpy attire were dancing in front of little children.

The videos showed several mothers sitting on the floor with their toddlers while drag artists donned in lingerie were performing acrobatics and prancing around in an indecent manner.  The event was part of the VAULT Festival, an independent showcase of live performers in the United Kingdom. 

In response to the harsh criticism and outrage from several people across the globe, the VAULT Festival took to Twitter to address the controversy stating:

‘’We are aware of comments on social media directed at CABABABARAVE, part of the 2023 VAULT Festival programme. The cabaret show is designed for parents, with sensory moments for babies, and is a fun and welcoming space for parents with young babies.’’ The group further added ‘’We stand against the inexcusable threats of violence and assault against our programmed artists, our staff, and directed at the LGBTQIA+ community, and are supporting the affected artists.

Angry netizens flooded VAULT festival’s tweet, backlashing the organization for seemingly corrupting the mind of the toddlers. One wrote, ‘’Why are you letting men striptease young children in thongs? Absolutely abhorrent, you should be arrested for letting these pedophile Crossdressers anywhere near children!’’ Another furiously said, ‘’This is an absolute disgrace. What parent in their right mind would allow their children to see this filth? Whoever agreed to this deserves to be sacked immediately!”

Another video of a drag performance for children at the Honor Oak pub in Lewisham also shows a drag performer “Copper Topp Queen, bunching up his mini skirt to do the splits and gyrate on the floor wearing PVC boots, whilst a young girl watches on and the adults in the room hoot and guffaw with glee,” said Dominique Samuels, a famous media personality, on the Daily Mail.

She added, “I was naturally shocked and disgusted, especially when parents expressing concerns on social media were being gaslit with allegations of being homophobes and far-right. In my view, it’s pretty homophobic to suggest that being gay, or even ‘queer’ if you like, has to be constantly associated with highly sexualized behavior in front of kids. Many gay people do not want to be associated with it and agree these events are inappropriate for children to witness.’’ 

The recent exposure of the idea of an overly sexualized choice of life is making its way into little children’s minds through school books, grotesque drag show performances and through live family shows such as the Jordan Gray show that aired back in October 2022. 

London’s Channel 4’s 40th anniversary live television broadcast drew both harsh criticism and praise for transgender comedian Jordan Gray’s outrageous act. The British transgender comedian was reportedly performing a sketch on the channel’s Friday night live show when Gray suddenly stood fully naked for a good few minutes as the crowd cheered on. 

Some viewers were thoroughly annoyed due to the unexpected reveal in a family show. Author Helen Joyce called out to the scene as ‘a sex crime committed on camera while idiots whoop and cheer’.

Towards the end of the show, Gray exclaimed “the best thing about Live TV is that I can do stupid stuff like this.” Despite the arguably despicable act on national television, the show didn’t go off air nor did it get canceled. While many were enraged at the stunt, others openly praised Jordan Gray for “her courage.” 

Harry Potter actor Jason Isacs supported the comedian on Twitter and wrote “Jordan Gray just stripped naked mid-song on Friday night live to show off her magnificent body, with which she played the keyboard as she brought her set to a close and the entire house down. So much more dignified than the parliament today.”

According to the Independent, the performance surely didn’t sit well with a lot of people and Ofcom received 1,370 complaints since it aired on Friday 21 October. A spokesperson from Ofcom had told the Sun, “We are assessing the complaints against our broadcasting rules, but are yet to decide whether or not to investigate.”

Gray later responded to the independent saying, “It’s been incredibly heart-warming that the vast majority of the press has been so overwhelmingly positive about my Friday Night Live performance. “Of course, social media has had more of a mixed response, but I’m amazed and thankful for the thousands of supportive messages I’ve received. And I’m doing my best to engage with the people who aren’t so sure. And then there are some comments that are just hatred and leave no room to engage with.”

The transgender comedian added, “I hope that in choosing to do this performance, I’ve opened the door a crack wider for more acceptance in the long run, so that those who come after me, will one day no longer have to deal with that kind of reaction.”

Media increasingly seems to be becoming more open with such ideas now celebrated in wider society. ‘Planet Sex’ with Cara Delevinge is a documentary revolving around Cara herself in a quest to normalize anything in the name of love and sex. The supermodel seemingly investigates how technology, science, culture and pornography form the mindset of a person, hoping for “change.” A rather avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community,  Delevingne has proudly claimed that she has donated her orgasm to science.

As the Western world gears towards fully embracing explicit content and drag shows, the question many are asking is how will it affect young children?

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