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US Strike in Baghdad Targets Commander of Anti-ISIS Taskforce

The US claimed responsibility for its drone attack in Baghdad that killed Abu Taqwa Al Saidi, a senior commander of Al Nujaba’, a task force of the PMU set up to fight ISIS.

The PMU was formed in 2014 in response to ISIS infiltrating northwest Iraq after Grand Ayatollah of Iraq Sayyed Ali Sistani called for an establishment of a force that would protect Baghdad from the terror group. The PMU worked closely with Iran’s General Qass-em Sole-imani in defeating ISIS from the region, and were later incorporated into the Iraqi government.

The assassination of Iraq’s senior Commander comes after the assassinations of the Commanders of the Axis of Resistance groups including Iranian commander in Syria, Yemen and Palestinian senior commander in Lebanon. Axis of Resistance forces have targeted US and Israeli forces in the region in solidarity with the resistance front in Gaza since Oct 7, 2023.

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