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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Terror Attacks in Iran that Killed More than 103 People

Terror group ‘ISIS’ claimed responsibility for the two explo-sions that kill-ed more than 103 people  during a ceremony in Kerman, Iran, that honored General Qas-sem Sol.eimani at the Martyrs Cemetery on his death anniversary. 

In a book recently published in Malaysia titled “The Wayfarer who ended ISIS,” the General’s life is chronicled in great detail and is hailed as an iconic figure who made it his mission to eradicate ISIS, or Daesh, from West Asia. 

The General, alongside Iraq’s Deputy Commander of the PMU, was assassinated by a US airstrike outside Baghdad International Airport on Jan. 3, 2020 under the orders of former President Donald Trump.

The terror group’s released statement says that the two attackers went by the codenames ‘Omar Al-Muwahhid’ and ‘Sayfullah Al-Mujahid,’ who they believe “killed a large concentration of Shia polytheists near Qas-sem Solei-mani’s grave.”

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