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US Looking for Developers for Nuclear Weapons Testing in Nevada

The U.S Department of Energy has stated it is looking for developers for a commercial solar project in Nevada on federal land, where nuclear bomb tests happened between the 1950s to the 1990s.

The DOE’s National Nuclear Security Administration received six responses from potential developers and stated that it will issue a request for qualifications sometime next week.

Back in 2023, the DOE stated that the largest U.S solar power site and other clean energy could be built on lands owned by the DOE stretching to five states which include the Hanford Site in Washington where the U.S government made plutonium and uranium for atomic bombs, under the Manhattan Project. 

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has also claimed the sites cleared for renewable power development are safe and declared the areas as  “completely clean.”  However, distant mushroom clouds were spotted in Las Vegas during above ground tests. 

The NNSA and DOE have unanimously identified roughly 2,000 acres of contagious land at the Nevada site that could be utilized for photovoltaic or concentrating solar and power storage.

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