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South Africa’s Foreign Minister Says Israeli Intelligence Intimidated Her After ICJ Ruling

South Africa’s foreign Minister Naledi Pandor has accused the Israeli intelligence for intimidating her in the wake of the ICJ’S recent ruling on potential genocidal actions by the Israeli regime against Palestinians in Gaza.

“I felt that [it would] be better if we had extra security. But what I’m more concerned about is my family, because in some of the social media messages my children are mentioned and so on, but this is par for the course. The Israeli agents, the intelligence services, [this] is how they behave, and they seek to intimidate you, so we must not be intimidated. There is a cause that is under way,” Pandor said

“We can’t stand back now. We must be with them [the people of Palestine]…We talked to the South African people; they understand why it is we have taken up this moral course,” she added.

Since the ICJ’s provisional ruling that asked the Israeli regime to prevent acts of genocide against the Palestinians, the Israeli army has killed nearly 2000 Palestinians, including more than 600 children, with the total number of Palestinians killed since Oct. 7, 2023 soaring to almost 30,000.

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