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US and UK Attack Yemen’s Cities of Saada and Hodeidah with Airstrikes

The ongoing US-British retaliatory attacks on Yemen’s pro-Palestine maritime war has targeted the coastal city of Hodeidah in Yemen.

According to sources, the warplanes have been zooming over the skies of Hodeidah alongside airstrikes, targeting the al-Jabbana area north of Hodeidah.

Local Yemeni media has reported that the aggressive warplanes conducted nine airstrikes in Hodeidah with the sound of US planes filling the sky.

On Wednesday Jan. 31, the US-UK combined pro-Israeli retaliatory attack launched two airstrikes on the Saada province, north of Yemen. 

Following the hostile attacks, the spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree stated that the Yemeni naval forces carried out a “qualitative military operation” which sought to target the American cargo ship “KOI” headed to the Israeli ports with multiple naval missiles that directly hit the target.

The attack followed shortly after the naval forces targeted the American destroyer USS Gravely.

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