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Indian Authorities Bulldoze 600-Year-Old Mosque in Delhi with No Notice

In the wake of rising Islamophobia in India, Indian authorities have demolished an ancient mosque dating back to hundreds of years, in India’s capital, New Delhi, during a demolition drive which seeks to remove “illegal” structures from a forest reserve.

The destruction of the mosque comes during a long standing campaign of replacing several iconic mosques with Hindu temples.

The mosque in New Delhi is 600 years old and was housing 22 students who were enrolled in an Islamic boarding school which was rammed on Tuesday Jan. 30 in a forest of Mehrauli, a neighborhood packed with centuries-old ruins.

Mohammad Zaffar, a member of the mosque’s managing committee, said that on Thursday Feb.1, they had not received any prior notice before the bulldozer leveled the mosque “in the dark of the night.”

He even stated that several graves in the mosque compound were destroyed and no one was allowed to retrieve copies of the Holy Qur’an or any other materials from inside the mosque before it was destroyed to rubble.

“Many of our revered figures and my own ancestors were buried there. There is no trace of the graves now,” Zaffar said.

“The rubble from the mosque and the graves has been removed and dumped somewhere else,” he added.

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