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Total of 62 Journalists Have Been Killed by Israel since October 7th

According to Palestinian officials, 62 journalists, including two correspondents for Al-Mayadeen TV in Southern Lebanon have been deliberately targeted and killed by Israeli occupation forces since October 7th, 2023.

“The Gaza government offers its deepest condolences to the journalists’ families and all their relatives,” the officials said. “The series of systematic crimes against journalists during the war on the Gaza Strip confirms that journalists are a main Israeli target, as 60 of our journalist colleagues were martyred, the most recent of whom were Sari Mansour and Hassouna Islim.”

The journalists were killed while on duty exposing the occupation’s ongoing massacres on Gaza.

Over 14,000 Palestinans have been killed in Gaza by the Zionist entity, most of them women and children in the past 44 days.

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