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Russia Moves to Categorize LGBTQ as Extremist Movement

Russian authorities have reportedly filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court which seeks to outlaw the LGBTQ “international public movement.” The Ministry of Justice stated that it had “lodged an administrative legal claim” which would recognize the LGBTQ movement “as extremist and, further banning its activity in Russia.”

The ministry however did not specify if they will close any groups or organizations, but it accused “LGBT movement operating on the territory of the Russian Federation” of “various signs and manifestations of extremism, including incitement to social and religious hatred”.

“Russian authorities are once again forgetting that the LGBT+ community are human beings,” said Dilya Gafurova, who heads the Sphere Human Rights group from exile.

Same sex marriage in Russia was also outlawed in 2020, a constitutional amendment that emphasized on marriage being a union between a man and a woman.

Recognizing the LGBTQ Movement as extremist by Russian courts is in line with a decade-long restriction on LQBTQ rights, enforced by President Vladimir Putin, who has placed traditional family values at the core of his rule.

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