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Thousands of Migrants Flock to U.S Border on Christmas Eve

Thousands of migrants, hailing primarily from Central America and the Caribbean, left from southern Mexico on Christmas Eve and headed north towards the US. One source stated at least 7,000 people flocked to the US while another mentioned 10,000 migrants. 

Massive caravans crossed Mexico back in 2018- 2019, and more in 2022, in a quest to cross the U.S- Mexico border illegally 

Migrant rights activist Luis Garcia Villagran stressed that migrants should not be used as political tools in the upcoming U.S election.

President López Obrador‘s deal back in May to allow migrants has likely been rendered fruitless, as the number of migration skyrockets, reportedly affecting bilateral trade and also leading to anti-migrant sentiments. Over 10,000 daily arrests at the U.S. Southwest border in December alone also brought about the suspension of cross-border rail traffic in Texas.

President López Obrador is allegedly willing to work with the U.S, pleading to ease the sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela. The U.S delegation, run by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, will meet with López Obrador to discuss the migration issue. 

However, Mexico’s capacity to assist is currently strained due to lack of funds.  An end of the program to repatriate migrants further adds to the challenge with a staggering 680,000 living illegally and 137,000 people trying to gain asylum this year.

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