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High Courts of Austria and Germany Overrule Restrictions on Pro-Palestine Protests

The highest courts of Austria and Germany have officially ruled against governmental restrictions enforced on Pro-Palestine demonstrations.

The Austrian Constitutional Court has reportedly annulled a ban on pro-Palestinian rallies, highlighting the right to Freedom of Assembly. Simultaneously, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany also declared a municipality’s prohibition on the display of Palestinian flags at rallies unconstitutional. Both European courts stressed on the importance of protecting the right to peaceful protest. 

This comes in the wake of massive pro-Palestinian protests across the globe, with people calling out against the Israeli Regime’s onslaught in the Gaza Strip that has now killed more than 21,000 people in Occupied Palestine.

Austria had also voted against the ceasefire of the Israeli Regime’s war on Gaza, while neighboring Germany chose to abstain during the nonbinding symbolic resolution to demand an immediate humanitarian ceasefire passed by the United Nations General Assembly.

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