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Syrian Diplomats Express Condolences to Iran over Terror Attack in Kerman

Syria’s political and influential figures alongside diplomatic missions, paid a visit to the Iranian Embassy and the office of Iran’s Leader in Damascus. They expressed their condolences over the ISIS attack that killed more than a hundred people in Kerman on Wednesday Jan.3.

An official ceremony was held on Friday Jan.5 at the Iranian Embassy in Damascus in Syria’s solidarity with Iran. 

In a statement, Iran’s ambassador to Syria Hossein Akbari  said, “Iran and Syria stay united on the axis of resistance. We have the same cause. Such crimes will only strengthen our determination to continue on this path.” 

He added, “Iran and Syria remain steadfast in this path until reaching a decisive victory. The enemies will not gain any result through committing these crimes, even if they consider them a victory, we will lead them to defeat and failure.”

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