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Street Officially Named In Paterson, New Jersey In Honor Of Palestinian Americans

Paterson City Council votes unanimously to rename South Paterson, New Jersey’s Main Street to “Palestine Way” in honor of the Palestinian community’s contributions to the city.

The meeting on March 29th, 2022, led by councilman Alaa ‘Al’ Abdelaziz, was met with cheering supporters donning kuffiyahs and flags.

Home to a large thriving Palestinian community and businesses, this street name memorialized the rich Palestinian heritage in New Jersey.

The vote was cast at 8-1

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  • Zainab Rights

    Zainab Rights is a Muslim American Journalist and Editor in Chief at TMJ News Network. She holds a double degree in Political Science and Homeland Security and a Masters in Journalism from Harvard University. She has over 12 years of experience in political commentary, writing and video production.

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