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Spanish Prime Minister Condemns Israel’s War on Gaza While Promising to Recognize Palestine as a Nation

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has slammed the international community for its failure to stop the Israeli regime’s ongoing onslaught in Gaza that has now killed more than 33,000 people in a span of mere months.

“The international community cannot help the Palestinian state if it does not recognise its existence,” he told members of parliament on Wednesday, adding that such a move was “just” and “what’s demanded by the social majority.”

According to some sources, Sanchez has been pushing for the European Union to recognize Palestine, and a few weeks ago, he signed a joint statement with fellow Irish, Maltese, and Slovenian counterparts unanimously announcing that they were ready to recognize Palestine.  

Sanchez is scheduled to meet a number of other leaders, including those of Norway and Portugal to discuss the matter.

The Prime Minister had allegedly spoken of the subject of statehood in his visit to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar last week where he cited that Spain could recognize Palestine as a nation by the end of June.

“The international community, as a whole, must recognise the full membership of Palestine in the UN system,” Sanchez told Al Jazeera in an interview during the visit to Qatar.

“And, of course, bilaterally in the case of Spain, we are ready to support and recognise the State of Palestine because this momentum has to be different to the others that we witnessed over the past seven decades.” he said.

Sanchez further said that Israel’s “absolutely disproportionate response” to the Palestinian Resistance’s October 7 Al Aqsa Flood Operation had “overturned decades of humanitarian law and threatened to destabilize the Middle East and, as a consequence, the whole world.”

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