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Samsung Next to Shut Down 70 Startups in Israel Due to Mounting Pressure from BDS

In the wake of mounting pressure by the BDS movement to stop funding and investing in “Israel,” Samsung Next has announced that it will shut down all operations in “Tel Aviv.”

Samsung Next invested in 70 “Israeli” start-ups and is now the latest to join the growing list of companies that have halted sales and operations in the “Israeli” tech sector.

According to the BDS movement, investment in “Israeli” tech firms has dropped by 56% in 2023 alone.

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid once stated, “Israel is no longer the Start-Up Nation. It’s a nation in crisis. It’s a political, social & int’l crisis, but its effects will be economic. … Some of the [economic] damage caused recently will take years to repair.”

The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement economically and peacefully pressures the Israeli regime to adhere to international law, which they continue to violate, committing decades of oppression against Palestinians with its current onslaught in Gaza which has now killed more than 33,000 people in a span of six months.

The BDS movement has played a massive role in rupturing the Israeli regime’s economy. Anti-Palestinian critics consider the movement an “existential threat” which is challenging Israel’s economic stability.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, has also asked Muslim states to refrain from cooperating with “Israel” economically, highlighting his support for the Palestinian people at large.

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