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South Africa to Hold US and the UK Accountable for Aiding Israel Genocide on Palestinians at the ICJ

Around 50 South African lawyers, led by attorney Wikus Van Rensburg, are seeking to drag the US and the UK to the International Court of Justice for their complicity in the Israeli regime’s war crimes in Palestine. This follows shortly after South Africa filed a genocide case against the occupation entity at the International Court of Justice.

Rensburg stressed on the need to hold the US accountable for its actions and motioned the upcoming legal proceedings against Washington and London.

“The United States must now be held accountable for the crimes it committed,” Rensburg stated. “No one says stop, enough is enough.”

“What happened in Iraq is an example of this; no one held the US accountable for the crimes it committed in the Middle Eastern country as the issue was not given the necessary importance,” he added.

“The US is busy spending more money and more resources to (allow Israel) commit the crime,” he stated while adding that the ICJ case against the Israeli regime will pave the way for their lawsuit against the US and UK. 

“If the ICJ trial against Israel is concluded in favor of South Africa, the US may face sanctions even if it does not accept the verdict. The ICJ ruling will also strengthen a case against the Joe Biden administration.”

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