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Saudi Still Seeks to Normalize Ties with Israel Despite War on Gaza

Normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli entity is still on the pipeline, but has now been conditioned to a peaceful solution to the Palestinian “issue,” the Saudi Minister of Investment, Khalid bin Abdulaziz al-Falih, confirmed. 

At the Bloomberg New Economy Forum held in Singapore, Falih stated “This matter was on the table, and it is still on the table, and it is clear that the recent withdrawal (from the talks) explains why Saudi Arabia is so determined to make a solution to the Palestinian conflict part of broader normalization in [West Asia].”

Falih allegedly laughed when asked if Saudi Arabia would use the price of oil to pressure American backed Israeli regime to achieve a ceasefire. He further added that “This is not on the table today. Saudi Arabia is trying to achieve peace through talks that seek peace.”

Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), who waged a war on Yemen with foreign US backing for 8 years and killed over 370,000 people, was asking the US for “security guarantees and access to civilian nuclear technology and advanced weapons in exchange for a deal.”

After the October 7th Al Aqsa Flood operation followed shortly by the Israeli occupation forces’ escalating war on Gaza that has now killed over 10,000 people mostly children and women, it was assumed that a normalization between Tel Aviv and Riyadh was now off the table following global outrage.

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