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Saudi Arabia to Open First Alcohol Store Since Pre-Islamic Days

Saudi Arabia is gearing to open its first alcohol store in the kingdom’s capital Riyadh since the beginning of the religion of Islam, which dates back to over a thousand years ago.

Customers will be required to register through a mobile app and will then receive a clearance code from the foreign ministry. The shop will only serve non-muslim diplomats, according to reports.

This comes as part of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 which predominantly focuses on adopting western lifestyle standards and expanding the kingdom’s already oil-rich economy. 

Alcohol has been available via diplomatic mail or on the black market in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Royal Family is also infamous for consuming and even hosting parties with alcohol, drugs and prostitutes.

The Saudi Government is reportedly imposing new restrictions on alcohol imports within the framework of diplomatic consignments, which they assume, might boost demand for their new store.

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