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Resistance Leader Says Israel Has Failed in Achieving Any of its Goals in the War on Gaza

The Israeli Regime is being ridiculed for failing to achieve any of its objectives in the War on the Gaza Strip, according to Is.mail Han.iyeh, head of the Palestinian Resistance’s political bureau.

Han.iyeh stated on Tuesday Jan. 9 that the Israeli Regime had three objectives in its ongoing onslaught in the Gaza Strip; obliterating the Palestinian resistance, reclaiming captives held in Gaza and displacing Palestinians in Gaza from their homeland. 

“Some 100 days after the onset of the Gaza war, the occupying regime failed to return their captives, and the plot to eliminate the Palestinian resistance movement has been proven to be an illusion because is exactly the Palestinian people,” Han.iyeh said.

He then added ”that the scandalous failure in Gaza turned into a fact, which reveals the ugly face of the regime in the eyes of the world public.”

Haniyeh further expressed that the Israeli regime’s third objective was to evacuate the residents of the Gaza Strip, compelling them to abandon their homeland and find refuge in Egypt, a plan that according to the Palestinian Resistance leader, has failed.

The official then noted that the Palestinian resistance movement had launched the operation to stand against the “extremist Israeli cabinet’s anti-Palestinian conspiracies. This included their attempt to “marginalize the issue of Palestine at the international level, their plots against Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, as well as the so-called normalization of ties with some regional states.”

“The Israeli occupiers pursue the idea of creating regional peace at the expense of denying Palestinians’ rights, ” he said, adding that Tel Aviv wants political and security alliances, entailing the regime in its heart,” he concluded.

In a span of 95 days, the Israeli Regime has instead bom.bed residential areas, schools, hospitals, churches and even refugee camps, killing more than 23,000 people and targeting women and children.

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