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Rare High-Energy Particle Descends to Earth from Outer Space

Astronomers have reportedly detected a unique and extraordinarily high-energy particle descending to the Earth from outer space.

They named it Amaterasu, but its origin still remains unknown as experts have considered it to be the “most powerful of celestial events – much bigger than a star explosion – can produce them.”

John Matthews, a research professor at University of Utah’s department of physics and astronomy in the US, said: “Things that people think of as energetic, like supernovae, are nowhere near energetic enough for this.

“You need huge amounts of energy, really high magnetic fields to confine the particle while it gets accelerated.”

The Amaterasu particle boasts an energy that surpasses 240 exa-electron volts (EeV), which is millions of times more than what particles achieve at the Large Hadron Collider, the most powerful accelerator ever built.

It falls second to the Oh-My-God particle, another extremely high energy cosmic ray which was found in 1991, containing 320 EeV of energy.

When such ultra-high-energy cosmic rays hit Earth’s atmosphere, they tend to imitate a cascade of secondary particles and electromagnetic radiation, in other words, an extensive air shower.

The charged particles released in the air were recorded producing a type of electromagnetic radiation that can be detected by specialized instruments.

Following the unusual activity, Prof Matthews said: When I first discovered this ultra-high-energy cosmic ray, I thought there must have been a mistake, as it showed an energy level unprecedented in the last three decades.”

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