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Puma Cancels Partnership with Israeli Football Team Following Severe Backlash

The Giant German Sportswear maker Puma has confirmed that it will terminate a sponsorship deal with the Israeli national football team, a decision they claim they made before Israeli Regime’s onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

“While two newly signed national teams — including a new statement team — will be announced later this year and in 2024, the contracts of some federations such as Serbia and Israel will expire in 2024,” a spokeswoman said in a statement.

“These decisions were taken in 2022 in line with the regular timelines for the design (and) development of the team jerseys,” the spokeswoman added.

The deal with the Israeli Regime that was signed back in 2018 received backlash from pro-Palestinians as calls for a boycott of the brand intensified across the globe. 

According to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), the German company lost millions of pounds worth of business deals in the UK alone.

“PUMA’s decision is an important victory that shows the power of the solidarity movement. We’ve sent all corporations a powerful message: if you choose to be complicit in Israeli Apartheid, you will face the strength of the solidarity movement. We will continue to grow our BDS campaigns against banks like Barclays and corporations like JCB, who are complicit in Israel’s system of Apartheid,” PSC Director, Ben Jamal, said.

Calls for anti-Israeli boycotts have grown across the globe with more firms and products on the radar of Pro-Palestinians amid Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip which has killed more than 18,500 people since Oct. 7.

Puma is one of the companies on the BDS list which contains brands that support the Israeli Regime.

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