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Israeli Navy Deploys 4th Warship into Red Sea in Response to Yemen’s Maritime War

Reports have surfaced that a Yemeni Cruise Missile has targeted an Israeli warship in the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, which was launched from Hodeidah. 

The Israeli media stated that the regime’s Navy has declared its fourth and final Sa’ar 6-class corvette operational, “more than two years after delivery, amid its use in the ongoing war.”

The Regime’s Navy corvettes have been deployed into the Red Sea Following Yemen’s Armed Forces seizing Israeli Ships as retaliation for the Israeli Regime’s onslaught on Gaza which has now killed over 18,200 people in a span of 68 days.

According to Israeli media, the corvettes are being used amid missile and drone attacks by the Yemeni Armed forces in the regime’s southern city of Eilet.

The corvette is installed with a 76 mm main gun, a helicopter deck, 16x anti-ship missiles and a decoy launcher among other features. 

In response to the deployment of the Israeli Navy’s mighty Sa’ar-6, the Yemen Armed Forces said that ‘in a saturation attack, these warships are just sitting ducks.’

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