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Palestinian Resistance Responds to Ceasefire Talks Speculations

The Israeli Regime and the Palestinian Resistance are reportedly inching closer to a ceasefire in the occupation entity’s onslaught in Gaza that is now entering its fifth month following UNICEF’s warning that 17,000 children in Gaza have been left unaccompanied. 

However, the Palestinian Resistance has refused to settle for any truce that doesn’t abide with full withdrawal of Israeli forces and ending the siege on Gaza.

“Since the beginning of the aggression, the movement has stated that it is open to discussing any initiatives or ideas that can stop the barbaric aggression on our people and restrain this criminal enemy that has murdered civilians, including children, women, and the elderly, and destroyed civilian infrastructure and human life in the Gaza Strip,” Osama Hamdan, the movement’s representative in Lebanon, said at a press conference in Beirut on Saturday, Feb. 3.

Hamdan further added, “The leadership’s discussions and consultations are based on the premise that negotiations would lead to a total end of the terrorist aggression against our people and a complete withdrawal of the occupation army from Gaza.”

He expressed that the Palestinian Resistance seeks the  lifting of the siege “that has been imposed on Gaza for 17 years, reconstruction of what the occupation has destroyed, a serious prisoner exchange deal, and practical international recognition of our people’s right to self-determination and the establishment of their fully independent state with al-Quds as its capital.”

Hamdan then condemned the global inaction of the Israeli Regime’s crimes against humanity in Gaza, stating, “The crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing are being committed in plain sight of the whole world, which stands by watching, [and] procrastinating, and [is] unable to stop the Zionist crimes that are supported by the US administration.”

The Palestinian Resistance representative also warned about circulating false reports “by hostile entities about the course of the ceasefire negotiations,” which he pointed were seeking to weaken “unity, steadfastness, and resilience” of the people of Gaza.

“The failed criminal [Israeli prime minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and his criminal extremist warlords continue their campaign of lies and deception. They have not been and will not be able to achieve any of their aggressive objectives as failure is surrounding them at all stages of their N@zi war against our people,” Hamdan said.

He concluded his statement by slamming Netanyahu and the Israeli regime, asserting that the occupation entity “will have no choice but to submit and comply with the terms of our people and our victorious resistance.”

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